The Suffolk Academy of Beauty  is very proud to endorse the MASCED (Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection) campaign.  The campaign is designed by the national skin cancer charity Skcin.  This campaign is targeted towards health and beauty therapists who have regular and close observations of their clients' skin.  The therapists are trained to identify early signs of skin cancer, which could result in early diagnosis and treatment.

As part of our commitment to help raise the awareness of  Skin Cancer within the Beauty industry we

are including the Masced course into all our ITEC Courses

How can you help this campaign?

If you are a beauty therapist you can enrol on an accreditation course, through which you will be sent the MASCED guide and resources via post as well as granted access to e-learning resources.  By doing this accreditation you can become a powerful advocate in the fight against skin cancer and offer your clients this potentially life-saving service. 


This accreditation will also help you with your Continuing Professional Development as the course is worth 2 CPD units.

Across the UK there are already 7,500 beauty industry professionals who have taken part of this program. Now it is your turn to get yourself accredited and be part of the team fighting against this devastating disease.

How can you enrol on the course?

You can enrol on the course via the campaign website.The course costs a nominal fee of £20 which is a very small fee to pay for a course contributing towards this important campaign.

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